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red striped tulips in vase

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Or better yet, where do all the flowers come from? Our instructor gave us a brief, floral history lesson last week. Where do all the flowers that we buy come from? Every day in the flower market in Aalsmeer, Holland between 5:30a.m. and 11:00a.m. hundreds of different types of flowers are auctioned, each of which has a multitude of varieties. For example, there are 300 kinds of gerberas, over 500 types of chrysanthemums and 400 different varieties of roses. In […]

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blue hydrangeas

Spring Has Sprung!

After being in hibernation all winter long, we’re ready to emerge like the flowers of spring. Future wedding content and photography coming soon! Hydrangeas are some of my favorite flowers. We had 2 hydrangea bushes in our backyard when I was growing up. These lovely blue ladies are the epitome of springtime! I love the yellow and blue color combination here! Here’s a depth of field shot. I feel like the petals and leaves are coming straight for us through […]

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soutine roses

A Rose by Any Other Name

I love roses! I can’t get enough of them. Any color, size or shape will do. They are my flower of choice. I recently discovered Soutine Roses. Also known as Christmas Roses, these unique hybrids blend their red color with stripes of white reminding me of holiday candy canes. They truly are beautiful! For all the rose lovers out there, here’s some floral inspiration to kick your weekend off just right. 🙂 Until next time, here’s a kiss and a […]

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Spring Has Sprung II!

After a long, arduous winter, I for one am welcoming spring with open arms! Nothing says spring more to me than beautiful tulips. This year’s annual tulip festival was chock full of amazing tulips donned in every color of the rainbow. I just love the peach and pink tulips! If you look closely, you’ll see some mauve tulips hiding in the background. Check out the yellow tulip with the red stripes. What a cool hybrid! Tulips come in all different […]

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wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquets

The wedding bouquet truly reflects the bride’s own sense of personal style. Is she a classic, traditional bride, a fun, edgy bride or somewhere in between? For your viewing pleasure, a few of my favorite wedding bouquets that I’ve had the pleasure of shooting. Gina’s Bouquet: Gina and Adam’s nautical wedding in Montauk was full of tremendous energy and above all love! Gina chose a monochromatic, white calla lily bridal bouquet and her florist created a lovely, yellow-orange, calla lily […]

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tropical bouquet

Color and Floral Design

Color can bring life and dramatic impact to any floral design. Here are a few images of a very colorful and vibrant bouquet that I shot at a wedding a few years ago. It was designed by Keyth, Managing Floral Designer and Consultant of Lovin’ Oven Floral Designs and still remains one of my all-time favorite wedding bouquets!  It contains coral roses, fuchsia calla lilies, yellow-spotted orchids, reddish-orange glorious irises and fuchsia sweet peas. The bouquet’s handle is tied with […]

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lavender bundle

Long Island Lavender Farm

The north fork of Long Island has some wonderful hidden gems. One of which is the lavender farm located in East Marion, NY called, “Lavender by the Bay“. {A sister farm is now located in Calverton, NY.} Owned by Serge and Susan Rozenbaum, a husband and wife team, this local treasure is not to be missed. And, because they’re open most of the year, you can fill your senses with the beautiful scent of lavender to your heart’s content. Visit […]

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sunflower field

A Sunny Sunday!

I’ve been meaning to post these photos for quite awhile. As winter approaches here in the northeast, I thought it might be fun to post a few cheery shots. My husband and I stumbled upon the most beautiful sunflower field this past summer while driving on the North Fork of Long Island. Wishing you a very sunny Sunday! This amazing sunflower will brighten anyone’s day. Check out how the sunflowers are facing the sun. Don’t you just want to jump […]

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